Items That Should Not Be Installed In A Bathroom

Your bathroom is subject to a lot of moisture and mold can thrive in this environment. Be smart and don’t create a breeding ground for mold growth by installing items that will not stand the test of time or contribute to mold growth.

Wallpaper in A bathroom – Just Say No!

Wallpaper in a bathroom may look good initially, but with the high steam (which is used to remove wallpaper) in this area your wallpaper will begin to peel and will need to be replaced. Money lost — but with proper planning by an expert, you can avoid wasting money on products such as this. Instead, you will be presented with items that will not only look great but will stand up to the high moisture.

Laminate Floor – Cheap, Cheap and Not For an Upscale Bathroom

Laminate flooring may look great. In fact, laminate flooring has come a long way in appearance but consider where you are putting this product. The bathroom isn’t it. Seriously, any amount of water that finds its way under laminate flooring is going to cause it to break down, expand, peel, swell, and lift from the floor. So now you are left with having to have it pulled up, glue removed and possibly even the underlayment removed. Choose your flooring wisely and pick a product that is water resistant and that will stand up to daily water. Baths By RJ is available to guide you in your bathroom flooring options and avoid mistakes such as this.

Repeat After Me – Wall-To-Wall Carpet DOES NOT GO IN THE BATHROOM!

Honestly, I’ve seen it more than I care to admit. Yes, it is comfortable under your feet, but if you thought it through before you had carpet installed, you would have decided against it. Reflect on the toilet area – enough said. It can’t be taken up and washed on a regular basis and mold, and mildew is pretty much a given. There are much better options. If you were interested in warmth, for example, a heated floor would have been a perfect choice.

You want to invest your bathroom budget on products that look great and last. Give us a call at 703-352-8680 to schedule your free consultation. We will guide you through every step of the bathroom remodeling process. Our reputation speaks volumes and we have been in the business of bathroom design/remodel for over forty years.

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