Hot Bathroom Remodel Designs for 2018

Each year the latest and most significant trends are published for the coming year for bathrooms. After reviewing the published articles or attending design conferences, I like to share this information with potential clients and of course returning clients ready to update the remaining bathrooms in their home.
Any bathroom remodel is an investment, and you want to make the best possible choices that are right for you. Everyone in the bathroom remodel industry will, of course, be publishing the 2018 design recommendations. As a design professional with over 40 years in the business, my recommendations for the design of your bathroom will first and foremost be based on your likes and dislikes.

Go For an Open And Airy Environment

No longer is the bathroom just a place for personal grooming. It can be your sanctuary, and with a little more space it can still feel serene but also spacious. From a design perspective taking a little space from an adjacent area or adding a small addition could make a big difference in the overall ambiance. But if no additional space can be found, then the illusion of a larger room or open space can be created through design techniques. That’s where the knowledge of a remodeling professional comes into play. Notice the quality of work and detail that went into this large bathroom remodel project. The outcome is gorgeous!


Interesting enough the material recommendations for 2018 will come as a bit of a surprise to some. With everyone wanting granite the trend is leaning towards quartz for your floors, walls, counters, and vanities. There will still, of course, be those who insist on granite. Brass hardware is coming back around. Yep! Brass will undoubtedly add a warm tone to your bathroom design. Choose the right cabinetry and color scheme, and I can see this working. White, all white, is out for 2018. Instead, mix up your material textures and colors. Blues in ever blue imaginable is the color for bathrooms in 2018. That won’t be limited to wall color. You’ll see this in countertops, tiles and even cabinetry. And the ever-popular porcelain sink may be giving way to hand-carved stone.

The Loft Design

The loft design is still fashionable. The use of exposed metal pipes and concrete will add an industrial feel to bathrooms. However, elements of the loft design can be incorporated and mixed with other components for a less sterile look. Here we have combined exposed metal piping with a freestanding tub and added warm window treatments and flooring for a unique look. This is modern and warm and inviting at the same time.


You can expect to see technology trends in many areas of the bathroom. Touch vanity mirrors and vanity mirrors with TV, televisions in the shower, color therapy, LED lights in your tub or shower will cycle through shades of color said to promote tranquility to balance your energy. Motion lights for the energy conscience, voice-activated devices and other techno gadgets that you can control from your phone.  There will surely be a gotta have it list for those who are into that latest gadgets and gizmos.

Tile Textures and Patterns

There will always be those who prefer solid color tile to the upcoming changes expected in 2018. Expect to see texture, more color, and patterns this coming year. As I said before, not everyone is going to get on board with this design change. Many of my clients prefer something more elegant and classy to the wild and crazy. To each their own.


I’ve seen these trends come and go over the years. My advice to anyone who is considering a bath remodel is to choose items that are first and foremost appealing to you. Secondly, items that will not date the bathroom and that will stand up over time. If you need assistance and want to work with a bathroom design professional who only does bathrooms, give us a call.

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