The Holidays With Friends and Family – Spruce Up The Bathroom Just A Little

It’s the season of family gatherings. You decorate your home for every holiday. Your best dishes are out, you’ve decorated the outside and inside of your home for each special occasion. Don’t forget to spruce up the bathrooms just a bit.

For many years now, I’ve been invited into friends and families homes, and have noticed that each room has a particular style. Carry that over into your bathroom this season. It may be a little late for a complete bathroom makeover, but it isn’t too late to touch up here and there. Something as simple as updating the bathroom fixtures and a fresh coat of paint before all your guests arrive will make a difference. You can worry about a complete bathroom renovation after the holidays.

There are other things you can add to liven up the bathroom décor. Beautiful decorative soap, new hand and bath towels, an original wall decoration which carries your style into the bathrooms can add a lot of joy. You know your friends and family better than anyone, and you know just what they will find appealing and need when they come to visit.

More importantly, enjoy the holidays! Don’t spend too much time fussing over what doesn’t matter. Focus on your guests and remember these times. Life is too short to worry whether the tree is decorated to the hilt or that all the gifts have a bow. Enjoy yourself.

From all of us at Baths By RJ we wish you the very best during this holiday season.

Ricki Weber

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