Hidden Items You Didn’t Expect In Your Bathroom Renovation

You’ve purchased a new home or new to you. You knew at the time of purchase that the bathrooms would need updating, but there can be items that lie hidden that you may not have taken into consideration at the time of purchase or even knew existed.

A good friend of mine bought a home that looked great, it was approximately 20 years old, but there were items that weren’t revealed in a home inspection that affected the cost of their bathroom makeover. Apparently, in the past, there had been a water leak at or near their hallway bathroom that had rotted away the wood underlayment and since an attempted repair was not properly handled mold had development on the nearby wall. The wood flooring and underlayment had to be replaced as well as the mold removed and treated. Further investigation revealed that the wooden floor bottom plate showed signs of termite damage and the drywall had to to be removed to investigate the damage to the area fully. The flooring bottom plate had to be replaced. Therese are just some examples of items that need to be attended to in a complete bathroom remodeling project. What you don’t see can be quite surprising. Other items can include, leaking pipes, nails in vent pipes (yes really) and more.

In my 40 years as a bathroom remodeling professionally I can confidently say I’ve seen it all. Baths By RJ can handle your bathroom makeover including surprises such as that described above. We take pride in a job well done and take every detail into consideration. We keep you informed throughout the project. Call Baths By RJ for a free estimate and a review of your bathroom renovation project. Our contact number is 703-352-8680.

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