These Days Doing A Good Job Isn’t Enough.

You’ve been contracted to perform a job and reputation is important.

In this day and age of social media and Google+ reviews you have to delight your customer. So how is that achieved?

I know from experience that each job is unique and there is a good possibility that something unexpected is a real possibility. Your estimate outlined the specifics of what will be done, but as a bathroom remodeling professional, you have to know how to handle any unforeseen situation and deliver on your scope of work. Every job is important and is much more than installing a list of selected materials when product selection took place. We realize that we have been selected to perform, deliver and on schedule and within budget.

Every job we undertake is done with the client in mind and understand their point of view. We’ve met and discussed your dream bathroom in detail, and our goal is to deliver exactly what you expected with little disruption to your daily life.

Ordering Materials and Scheduling Installation

There’s nothing worse than starting a project and then having to stop the installation and wait for materials. Not only would that leave you anxious but also concerned about our abilities. We never start a project until the materials have been delivered to the project, stored for safety and out of your way. We realize that while the process of a bathroom renovation is going on, you still have to live in your home. The last thing we want is to have you feel anything other than excitement at the thought of your dream bathroom.

Keeping The Jobsite Clean While Work Is Underway

You knew that a bathroom redo would, of course, have a demolition phase and things could get a bit messy. But we know that job cleanliness is imperative. After all, this is not just a house, it is your home, and we will treat it with the utmost respect. With plastic over doorways to prevent airborne particles, all removed cabinetry, fixtures, etc. removed from the home and in a dumpster or removed completed from the job site daily. If this means a long day, so be it, that’s the job. Not only does leaving unnecessary items on a job site interfere with production (i.e., having to work around them) we realize it can cause you our client distress and inconvenience. That is the last thing we want. Again, our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Communication Is Key

There are specific things I tell my clients they can expect from me as the Owner of Baths By RJ and one of the most important is communication. I give each client my cell phone number for direct contact. We have an answering service, and all of my employees know how to get in touch with me. My clients know that I will be on the job regularly. On that, they can depend. I want to know what is on your mind and believe that regular interactions with my client are important. I want your business for not only this bathroom remodel, but the next remodeling project you have in the future. I’d like referrals from you to your friends and family. I’d like a five-star review on Google+, and I know none of that is going to happen unless you are delighted with our services.


Pride in a job well done and craftsmanship is crucial. Poor workmanship is not only visible; it will not stand that test of time. If it doesn’t meet my strict standard and if it doesn’t pass my personal inspection it won’t remain a part of your remodel. I hire professionals, and that isn’t just lip work. We are known for our knowledge and craftsmanship. There is an old saying. You get what you pay for”. That is still true today. Yes, you can shop bathroom remodeling deals from fly by night companies who will install materials but not provide you with a job well done. With Baths By RJ, you will see the craft in everything we do.

I have been in the bathroom remodeling industry for over 40 years and started my own company because I didn’t feel that some of the companies I worked for did the job right. I felt as though I sold my soul to make a living.  My commitment every time I sign a contract is to do everything possible to have a happy customer.  If you have a bathroom remodeling project you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to call and schedule a one on one consultation and experience the Baths By RJ difference.

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