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As a 40+ year veteran of the bathroom remodeling industry, and a women owned company, there are often topics of interest that I like to share with my existing and potential bathroom remodel customers.

Companies That Lure You In Offering A Discount Bath Remodel

You’ve seen the offers from Bathroom Remodeling companies that have outlined remodeling packages based on the size of the bathroom and providing specific fixtures. In all my years of remodeling bathrooms, I know from experience that no one bathroom is the same as another. That’s primarily because no one person or family’s needs are going to be the same as another.  Style and tastes are going to be different. Budgets and the bathroom project itself are going to be different not to mention the unknown factors that exist such as the age of the home and the existing plumbing in the walls.

These companies are pulling you in based on the promise of a price. It reminds me so much of the ads that used to be run by automobile dealers who would advertise a vehicle for some ridiculous price but in the fine print there was a stock number and you guessed the add was for one vehicle. Once you arrived at the dealership, you were informed that the car was sold.  Then the car salesman would do their very best to get you purchase another vehicle in stock.

At Baths By RJ we provide written estimates only after having reviewed the project and having met with you to discuss your plans and what you want from your new bathroom. You may need special safety features because of a special needs family member or want to expand the current space and want to know if it is possible. We’ll be upfront with you on what you want based on your budget and work to provide you with the bathroom of your dreams based on facts, not fiction. Currently, we are offering $1,000 in free upgrades on a complete bathroom remodel.

Avoid the runaround, call Baths By RJ for a free estimate from a bathroom remodeling professional with 40 years’ experience. Save yourself a headache and regrets call 703-352-8680.